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Jan Paagman Observatory Ostaderstraat 28
NL-5721 WC Asten
The Netherlands
Tel. +31-493-696956

Asten (Noord-Brabant)
N 51 º 24' / E 5 º 44'
24 meters (80 feet)
CET (GMT + 1:00)

Backdrop photo: Orion Nebula
Source: NASA

Welcome to the website of the Jan Paagman Observatory

 From his earliest history man has gazed at the heavens in wonder and it is therefore no surprise that astronomy is one of the oldest sciences. Time and time again man has been amazed at the order and pattern he found in the night sky. However many technical developments have altered the face of astronomy, that wonder remains.

From this unchanged attitude of wonder and the desire to learn and understand, the Jan Paagman Observatory came into being. Because it is worth learning!

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